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Cable Television

The Wrights Radio Relay Cable Television service is available to the majority of homes in Newtown, and offers approximatley 50 digital television channels for an annual charge of just £41* a year. We also offer a selection of 13 analog channels for those customers who dont want to upgrade to our digital service, for more details please contact us or click here.

Quality Radio Reception

Our Digital service offers a selection of popular radio stations from both the BBC and Independant broadcasters, our network also carries a wide range of FM radio stations which are available to all our customers, your internal wiring may need alteration to use the FM radio services we offer, contact us for more information.

Design, Installation and Maintenance

As well as operating the cable television network in Newtown, we also provide a Design, Installation and Maintainance service for caravan parks and hotels who have large television distribution systems and want to offer their guests the widest possible choice of television channels,

We also carry out installation and maintainance of smaller community owned cable televison systems in areas where neither analog of freeview televison services are available.

Local and Community Advertising

Our cable network in Newtown, carries a local information channel. We offer free advertising to local community organisations and charities, for business we make a small monthly charge for advertising.

If you are a local charity or community organisation and would like to place a free advert please, or a business wishing to discuss your requirements please contact us.

Cinema Equipment Maintainance

We also provide an installation and maintainance service for traditional film cinema projection equipment. We have experience of working with a wide range of film projectors, film handling systems and sound equipment.

We have the experience and equipment necessary to carry out sound system alignment, and auditorium alignment.

For further information please click here